Our Approach

What makes us different from the various History guilds of Dallas?

We concentrate on the social aspects of greater Dallas history.  Interviews with the folks that made the history and/or their families and descendants. Video, audio, written - saving the social history of Dallas.

We specialize in areas such as nightclubs, bands, restaurants, fairs, parks and more.

Additionally, this group was founded by folks who worked in the nightclubs, bars, theaters and restaurants. Folks that brought huge concerts and big names to the DFW area.

Our Story

November of 2017, we came up with a concept for a new type of Facebook page. No politics, no sales, no self promotion. Turns out that everybody got along just fine once the labels were dispensed with.

The page began December of 2017. Since then we have well over 17,000 members are steadily growing.

Meet the Team

This is the best group of Administrators and Moderators that anyone can hope for. We are truly blessed. And we do like to have fun!

Uncle Herman 1

Paul Heckmann

Executive Director

Board of Directors

Memories Incorporated

Web and Facebook Administrator

Paul was born in Fort Worth and grew up in Waco. He attended McLennan Community College, Texas A&I and Baylor University before moving to Dallas in 1976.

He worked the nightclub circuit at clubs like Playboy, Papagayos, daVinci and others before leaving to work in the cruise industry on board ships as Purser/Chief Purser/Hotel Manager for Carnival and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

After returning to Dallas in the early 90s he briefly worked clubs before moving into Information Technology. He was an IT and Operations Manager for several companies in the Dallas area.

He was inducted into Texas A&I (now TAMUK)'s Javelina Hall of Fame in 2015 as a member of the 1974 and 75 National Champion football teams.

He created the Memories of Dallas Facebook page in December of 2017.

Angus Sr, III, Jr and Joyce

Angus Wynne

Board of Directors

Memories Incorporated

Angus is a third generation Dallasite who attended Frybarger School and Armstrong Elementary before heading to St. Mark's for middle school and early HS before transferring to The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey where he graduated. He attended University of Texas before enlisting in the Texas Air National Guard in 1966 where he served until 1971.

He also started a new business in that same year, the booking agency/concert company SHOWCO Inc. with his business partner, Jack Calmes. In addition to SHOWCO, he was also partner in the legendary nightclub Soul City, owner/operator of premier concert showcase the Arcadia Theater and current agent.

He has also been involved in theater through his former stewardship of Stage #1 and the Undermain Theater, each recognized as among the city's finest professional theater groups. He was also involved in motion picture casting, commercials and fashion print through his companies Central Casting, the Tanya Blair Agency and Industry/Dallas. He has worked with every form of music and nightlife imaginable, spanning a 53-year career of providing the best entertainers to Dallas high society, corporate, charitable and arts groups.

Past and present clients include Neiman-Marcus, Exxon-Mobil, J.C. Penney, Pepsico, and many more. He has booked every type and style of popular music from symphony orchestras to James Brown, Tony Bennett, Jimi Hendrix, Michael McDonald, Etta James, Miles Davis, Willie Nelson and more.


Lenny Licht

Board of Directors

Lenny has been working in multi-family properties’ in the Texas market for nearly four decades. He began his career with Henry S. Miller.

Lenny later formed Noel Management Company in the mid 1980’s that deals in multifamily homes. Since his early days at Miller and its inception, Noel and its affiliates have had a net profits in excess of $675 million in value.

Lenny has been a guest speaker with the Real Estate MBA Program at SMU and speaking engagements for the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas. Lenny is currently an active member of the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas, Texas Apartment Association, National Apartment Association and I.R.E.M.

In the mid-70s, Lenny purchased the Playboy franchise for Texas and built the Playboy of Dallas at 6116 N Central. He later sold them in order to concentrate on his real estate career.

Lenny has spent his free time as a former board member of TACA (Nonprofit for the performing arts), track and field coach for Texas Special Olympics, game fishing, spending time with his dog Chance and as a 2nd Degree Black Belt in the martial arts.


Mary Rios

Facebook Moderator

Mary was born in Dallas at St. Paul Hospital. She grew up in what is now the Uptown area and currently resides there. She's a second generation Texan and Dallasite.

Mary attended El Centro College and lived in Guanajuato, Mexico one year to study Spanish. She's bilingual in English and Spanish, loves her city and it's culture. She currently volunteers at six non profit organization and loves every minute of it!

When friends visit from all over the world, she loves taking them on a "personal Dallas tour" they love it.  Mary loves to see the look on their faces when she tells them about a certain event that took place in Dallas.

Her hobbies are volunteering, cooking, traveling, gardening and being around people.


Tanya Stracener


Board of Directors

Memories Incorporated

Facebook Administrator

Tanya was born in Oak Cliff at Methodist Dallas.  She is a 5th generation Texan and a 2nd generation Dallasite.

She attended Texas Womens University obtaining a Bachelor of Science in psychology.

Dallas's diverse, rich history draws her to always wanting to know as much about what makes our wonderful city tick.  Her particular interest and knowledge is the origins and development of the different areas/neighborhoods in Dallas and the history of the music and arts pioneers of the City. 

Tanya was one of the first Moderators of Memories of Dallas

51014073_10213152738233361_6016876275455492096_n (1)

Warren Johnson

Facebook Moderator

Even as a youngster Warren was telling tall tales of Texas outlaws and lawmen to his kid brother.

Warren wasn’t born in Dallas but he got here as fast as he could. He loved Dallas so much he moved here 4 times! He was born in Fort Worth in 1955. Moved to Big D the first time as a 1st grader in 1962 from Ennis. He went to St Cecilia’s Catholic Grade School , Greiner Junior High and Sunset HS. Later he spent time in The Marine Corps from 1974-1976.

After serving, he attended Stephen F Austin State University and graduated from University of Texas at Austin in 1981. He then moved around the southwest in various jobs and business ventures and returned the 4th and last time to Dallas in 1986. He’s a real estate broker and property manager. Warren is a big fan of old west outlaw stories and is the Memories of Dallas expert in that area.


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