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December 3, 2019
Amber Nichole Crum was a two-year-old Dallas girl who vanished on December 26th, 1983 from her family’s truck, parked in front of McDonald’s Grocery at 1016 Murdock Road located in Southeast Dallas County. The business was a mere two blocks from the home where the girl, her mother Stephanie and her mother’s live-in boyfriend James Britt Monroe lived. What happened next was a trial that ended in a whodunit, a possible break, and a family whose lives were ultimately destroyed. This is the story of Amber Crum
Memories of Dallas


October 21, 2019
October 23 1979 - 7 year old Elizabeth Barclay, her brother and another unrelated child were walking to a grocery store when an here-to-yet unidentified black male stopped them along Community Drive and Northwest Highway. The man then grabbed Barclay and according to the two other children, threatened to drown the girl, then jumped into his car with the young girl and drove away. An investigaton began immediately. The disappearance of the girl brought up memories of the disappearance of Tyra Heath back in July and of another girl five years earlier. Dallas police launched an all points bulletin and called in Dallas Police helicopters to aid in a wider search in hopes of finding the girl.
Memories of Dallas


June 24, 2019
The 25th of June 1979 was a warm day in Mesquite, children were out playing, enjoying their summer vacation and it was a relatively quiet day in the city. However that all changed the afternoon of that same day when six year old Tyra Heath left apartment #1051 at Cascade Park to play outside. Ten minutes later her mother Janice Heath called for her to come back to their apartment however she did not come home and a quick search turned up that she was no longer where she had been playing earlier.