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Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies!

“The Boogie Machine”

Hugh Hefner at the Dallas Club Courtesty WFAA

Courtesy Jill Bogan Day-Schuler

Dallas Playboy Club

Tony Dorsett and Bunny Ruby Walker Courtesy Jet Magazine

Daniel Truden and Bunny Debby behind the bar at Playboy Courtesy Daniel Truden

Dallas Playboy Bunnies, sisters Tracy and Terry Courtesy Tracy Locke Custer

Dallas Playboy Club Matches

Twins Piper Perry and Tara Keene from Playboy magazine Courtesy Playboy Bunny & Sheila Stone

Playboy Bunnies on the dance floor

Bunny Vicki on the cover of Scene Magazine inside Dallas Morning News Courtesy Vicki Hanks Rogers

Opening night at Playboy, Hef’s autograph Courtesty LInda Seto

Courtesy Tonda Davis

Scene Magazine in Dallas Morning News Courtesy Vicki Hanks Rogers

Bunny Tonda Courtesy Tonda Davis Petty

Dallas Playboy Club

Bunny Jan Courtesy Jan Dudley Gentile

Thressa Anderson in her silver suit at the Dallas Playboy Club Courtesy Thressa Anderson

Bunnies Kim and Christine Courtesy Kim Gagnon

Bunny Diane Courtesy Diane Peterson


Dallas Mavericks

Bill Bragg, Voice of BIg Tex Courtesy Bill Bragg

Big Tex Burning Courtesy Wikipedia

Bill Bragg during his 12 years as voice of ‘Big Tex’ at Texas State Fair Courtesy

Bo Diddley at Louann’s December 1962

Customers could complete the card at the top and get the pass at the bottom Courtesy Chelle Bovis Banks

Tear sheet for ad appearing in The Dallas Journal on June 7, 1940

Kirby St. Romain in the Garden Room Courtesy SMU Daily Digest

Kirby St. Romain in the Garden Room Courtesy SMU Digest

Ann Bovis and her Chrysler Sedan in front of LouAnn’s

Charley Spivak and His Orchestra at LouAnn’s

Courtesy SMU Digest

Johnny Gee and The Green Men Courtesy SMU Digest

Courtesty SMU deGoyler

Thomas Henderson and the Dallas Cowboys dominating the Denver Broncos in SuperBowl XII Courtesy ESPN

Cowboy’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ of 1975 Courtesy Ryan Bush

Tom Frankhauser

Bill Bragg’s Press Passes for 1969 when he ran cameras for CBS Courtesy Bill Bragg

Landry finally sheds the ‘bridesmaid’ title. Bullet Bob Hayes, Big Cat Rayfield Wright raise Landry on their shoulders

Thomas Henderson destroys Denver QB in Super Bowl Courtesty ESPN

Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson with Super Bowl trophy

AT&T Stadium

Over 40 years in the NFL as a First-Team All-Pro, NFL Champion, NFL Punting Yards Leader as a player, then NFL Coach of the Year, Cowboys Ring of Honor, Cowboys record for career wins at 250, 5x NFC Champ and 2x Super Bowl Champ

Dallas Cowboys

“Out of Control” by Thomas Henderson and Peter Knobler Courtesy Thomas Henderson

Dallas Cowboys

Coaching staff 1964

Tom Frankhauser, the first Cowboy to touch the ball. Took the opening kickoff in the first game in preseason and regular season


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