Journey to Tyme

The Mark Lee Story

By Paul Heckmann, Executive Director, Memories Incorporated

Edited by Mark Cheyne, Administrator, Memories of Dallas on Facebook



Some of you may know Angus Wynne III. He is one of our Memories Board members and produced the Texas Int Pop Festival in 1969 and it doing the 50 year event this Labor Day in Lewisville.

Angus Wynne III
This is one for the books! Talk about Memories: it would be hard to top a date at Ozona with Jerry Smith and the Woo Brothers. Come one, come all for one great event!

Mark your calender's! Aug 3rd, 7pm at Ozona!

There are three ways to let us know you are coming.

1.)   If you can't get to it, that means you are not on Facebook's 'Memories of Dallas'. Go to to join us. Tens of thousands of photos there, some 21,000 members - and NO POLITICS!

2.) If you are on Facebook but prefer not to join, you can go to our Mothership's page, Memories Inc.  Memories Inc. is our fully approved 501c3 Non Profit.

3.) If are not a Facebook person, no worries. You can still support all the work we do here. Via a small monthly donation. The link is below.

This is a fundraiser for Memories of Dallas with The Legendary Woo Brothers! All members on our recurring monthly donations of at least $10 or 20/mo or more get in free. You can plus 1 if you are on this list for $20 per. For folks that just want to attend this event, a donation of $25 is requested for entrance. There will be free food off the Ozona menu on a first come, first served basis.

If you would prefer to do an annual donation of at least $120 or more instead, please do and send me a PM so I make sure I have you added to our list. If you would like to attend, but can't and still want to contribute, thanks so much - we love you to death!

What do we do with donations? We have several more interviews already in the can  and are being transcribed now including John Ford Coley (as of England Dan and he), Bud Buschardt from Sumpn'Else/WFAA and KLIF, Greg McCone from The Starck Club, Alan Kaye who will be on stage as Joe Cocker at the 50th Anniversary of the Texas Pop Festival, Dale Smith from the Allusions and Cast of Thousands, Mark Lee - the brains behind Kenny and the Kasuals, promoter and co-writer of the Kasuals top hit, '"Journey to Tyme" and so many more.

We are spending and guaranteeing $2,300 on this event. We have now paid nearly $1,000 for professionals to do our transcriptions. Not to mention all legal and other expenses we incur over the year. This stuff ain't cheap! So we appreciate your contributions!

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